Don't let anybody tell you different. This process is based on

"1st come, 1st served"

The secret these people claim is simple. When sending all
your papers to USCIS, have them all in a notebook of some
kind, in order,nice,neat and organized. Think about this, if
you was behind a desk working at USCIS  and you pick up
the next application, opened it and all these papers was just
stacked together in random order, 100's of papers not
knowing what papers is what!  

  This person is going to be pretty ticked off at you. This
person is going to take all your papers, put them back in
your envelope and throw them in the basket called
                 " Pain in the ass basket".

  This might be their job, but its YOUR application. Make it
easy for them.  The longer it takes him/her to go through
your papers, the longer you have to wait. Our download is
very detailed about this.

   We will show you a great way to get your papers in order
and on to the next step.
What will this cost Me?
K-1 Visa
Everything you need to know
We  get a lot of
questions about the  
K-1 Visa Process.

Although we have
tried to respond to
all your questions,  
Elen and I do hold
down full time jobs.   
Mostly, the
questions are about
* Airfare to the
Shop around and
shop in advance, the
earlier you book
flight the better.    
Philippine Airlines
almost always has     
lines at the airports.
* Your stay in the Philippines
 Its cheap to live and visit in the
Philippines. Manila is the New
York City of the Philippines.
Although, it is cheaper than the
US, it is somewhat expensive
there. Cebu City, cheaper than
Manila, but still on the
expensive side. The further
away from these 2 cities you
get the cheaper it is to live and

21 days is all you can stay
without buying a visa, which is
also cheap to buy. Staying there
21 days, you can expect to
spend at least $1000 US dollars
(exchange rate @ 46%) for
lodging and food. 46,000 pesos
will go far. This is not including
what you spend on your
fiance(e) of course.
* Your fiance(e) will
need money
To get papers and
to do
all the requirements
that they must.
Traveling, lodging
and food.    
These papers cost
money and they
must get a lot of
them from
different places.     
Approximately $600
-$1000 US dollars.
This depends where
they live.
*  Cost of living                 
You will want to send them
money to live on while you
are in the K-1 Visa process.
$200 to ? This amount is up
to you but most can live
nicely on $200 US a month.
*  Medical Examine
$213.35 - 15 years old   
and up
$185.35 - under 15 years
of age
*  Airfare to the USA
This can get
expensive. You don't
want to book their
flight until AFTER
they pass their
interview. But booking
a flight with less than
a week notice is going
to cost you.

$750 to $2500 one
way. Again, shop
around, you might
just find a deal.
*  Your I-129F
This is the document
you must file with
to bring your
fiance(e) to the USA.
The price to file this
form went up last
year. At the moment
it is $455.
*  Your I-485
This is the form you
must file after you
and  fiance(e) get
This form will cost
you $985 plus $85
for a total of $1070
You must get papers yourself,
passport,divorce papers, if
self-employed, you will need
business papers, financial
papers, tax returns and much,
much more. This all takes time
to do.

Hint: buy yourself a small copy
machine if you don't have one
already. These costs are not cut
in stone with the exception of a
few that you can't control.
  Everybody K-1 Visa process
will be different. Everybody cost
will be different. Some cost you
can't avoid, but you can control
some of the cost.  

  This is one reason we started
this web site, to save you
money. The cost above is what I
would call
"trouble free"
K-1 process.  Get something
wrong or you run into problems
and it going to cost more.
There is NO secret way to speed up the K-1 Visa process.
Elen and Mary Jane (1st cousin)
Everything you need to know K-1 Visa
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  Our download gives detailed information about how  to save
money and time. Saving time with the K-1 Visa does save you

The following is only a guideline of what it is going to cost.
Before buying My Help or
anybody else's Please look here
* Interview
As of June 4, 2010, this fee
went from $131 to $350.
(Please don't blame me)
Their has been some very recent changes with
documents and fees needed for your fiancee interview.
    **   UPDATE  **
The I-129F cost to file went  
         Only $340 now
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